Discover our wide range of roses in the most beautiful colours

Alpe d'Huez

Perhaps the whitest rose on the market. And that with an elegant bud and good vase life. Exclusively grown by us.


The dark pink colour of Aqua! is unique and has been the standard for years. A bunch of Aqua! never disappoints!


A standard in the range for years and for good reason. This strong rose is a topper in the medium-sized flower range.
Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Like the actress after which this rose is named: classy, but also naughty and sensual.


This splash of colour turns any event into a party
Rosa Heaven


A beautiful pale pink rose that combines beautifully in bouquets.


The old-pink hue of this rose is unique and highly sought after by many florists.


Newest addition to our intermediate mix. This warm yellow rose never disappoints.

Lovely Jewel

A favourite for both a vase in the living room and in beautiful bouquets. A topper in our range for many years.

Magic Avalanche+

One of our Avalanche+ sisters, with all the good qualities of this family. This one has a warm peach colour.

Mai Tai

What a colour combination! A warm orange heart with a beautiful red outside.


Exclusively grown by us. With its good vase life, bright colour and beautiful bud shape, this rose fits well in our range.

Monte Carlo

This rose radiates all love. The warm velvet red colour conquers all hearts.


A fresh yellow colour and excellent vase life. First discovered by us years ago, and still the best choice.


Simply the best green rose of the moment! The deep green colour and ultimate bud shape are second to none.


The right shade of cerise makes this rose stand out in our colour mix. A perennial favourite for years.


A beautiful play of colours of yellow with red flames.


The perfect orange colour!


The two shades of pink make this rose a real eye-catcher on the vase.

Red Calypso

For years of faithful service in our intermediate mix: our prolific red rose Red Calypso

Red Ribbon

Velvety bright red inside, cast-iron outside. For years our regular choice in our large-flowered mixes.

Samantha's Bridal

The soft purple colour with greenish exterior makes the Samantha's Bridal a beautiful addition in this colour range.


For us, the new standard in the large-flowered white range!


14 Days of enjoying the warm yellow colour of the Solero

Sorbet Avalanche+

This rose with a pink heart is part of the Avalanche+ family. A topper in the vase, but also super in the greenhouse.


Lovely lightly scented rose. And excellent flowering in the vase too.