Hot Sundae

In the heavier range, the Hot Sundae is a very nice addition.



Stem length:


Hot Sundae
Dark pink
75 cm - 90 grams
Rosa Plaza DZ

Other species

Alpe d'Huez

Perhaps the whitest rose on the market. And that with an elegant bud and good vase life. Exclusively grown by us.


The right shade of cerise makes this rose stand out in our colour mix. A perennial favourite for years.
Alstroemeria Hot Pepper

Hot Pepper

The intense dark orange colour pops off the vase.

Samantha's Bridal

The soft purple colour with greenish exterior makes the Samantha's Bridal a beautiful addition in this colour range.

Mai Tai

What a colour combination! A warm orange heart with a beautiful red outside.
Rosa Plaza Alstroemeria - Hiphop

Hip hop

An unusual combination of bright orange and yellow petals with black stripes.